Diabetic Neuropathy Market Trends And Forecast By 2019

Diabetic neuropathy is a neurological disorder associated with diabetes mellitus. The disorder affects all peripheral nerves including autonomic nervous system, pain fibers, and motor neurons.  According to World Health Organization (WHO) approximately 350 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes and 80% of them live in low and middle income countries. Furthermore diabetic neuropathy affects 50% of the diabetic patients as per the data.Diabetes thus remains a burning issue in healthcare sector. Though symptoms of the disorder vary according to the nerves affected, common symptoms are abnormal sensations to body parts, erectile dysfunction, loss of control over bladder, dizziness, muscle weakness, intense pain, speech impairment and others.

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Total cure for diabetic neuropathy does not exist, but therapeutic treatment can manage the related symptoms.

Following therapies can be used for Diabetic neuropathy treatment:

Radio therapy
Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS)


The therapies can be directed to the symptoms of the disorder or to control diabetes itself. With the advances in technology, wearable devices have assisted in effectively treating the neuropathy pain. These devices use electric current to block the transmission of pain signals. The treatment is noninvasive, and has minimal side effects as compared to drug treatment.

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Diabetes is a growing concern in many countries, especially developing economies which concentrate around 80% of the diabetes population. Currently North America and Europe are the major markets for diabetic neuropathy market owing to the advanced medical services and concentration of market leading companies. Asia Pacific will be most lucrative market in the future with India, Japan and China being main point of focus. There need an increased awareness about the available therapies in the developing economies. Commonly prescribed drugs for diabetic neuropathy are Lyrica, Carbatrol, Neurontin, Pamelor and Cymbalta to a name a few; major players being Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline Johnson & Johnson and Eli Lilly. For devices, NeuroMetrix is a significant player through the launch of Sensus which is an FDA approved TENS device for pain management.


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